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I am a YA fantasy author who started this blog to share the unusual places I find inspiration for my writing, and to discuss with other artists how they find their muses. My first book of The Conjurors series, Into the Dark, is now available on Amazon.

A Mom’s Take on Maui’s “You’re Welcome” Song from Disney’s Moana

Maybe it was because my 5-year-old decided to write a letter to Santa about all the things mom had done wrong that day. Maybe it was because my 3-year-old refused to let  me brush her teeth for the umpteenth time until … Continue reading

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2017 YA Fantasy Trends

The crop of YA fantasy novels this year has been a true delight. It’s still February, and I’ve already ripped my way through hundreds of pages of adventure, anguish, and romance. As a reader, it’s been a blissful escape during … Continue reading

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Looking for Villainspiration

It’s dark and dreary in my hometown of San Jose this week, and the ghost of something dark hovers at the edges of my thoughts whenever I watch the news. The combined effect might be disturbing if it were an … Continue reading

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Goodreads Book Giveaway of My YA Fantasy Novel, The Society of Imaginary Friends

Enter for a chance to win a hard copy of my Amazon bestselling novel, The Society of Imaginary Friends, a young adult epic fantasy. Click here to enter my Goodreads Giveaway, which is live now through December 21, 2016. This breakthrough novel is … Continue reading

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Tips on Your Quest for An Agent

Self-publishing my 4-book YA fantasy series, The Conjurors, was an experience that I am so grateful for. Over the past five years, pushing myself to finish the series and learning how to effectively market it has given me purpose and … Continue reading

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The New YA Prince Charming

Protective. Strong. Aggressive. These have been the most prized traits in many YA romantic heroes over the past decade or so. But why did protective feel like stalking? Why did strength trump kindness? Worst of all, aggressive translated to controlling. (I’m looking … Continue reading

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Best YA Series Endings Ever

Maybe it’s because we, as readers, become increasingly passionate about our favorite series that we have higher and higher expectations for each book. When you think about it logically, authors like Suzanne Collins and J.K. Rowling must feel like Atlas, … Continue reading

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