Joan Undone Launches Today! (Book 2 – The Throwbacks Series)

I’m excited to announce that Joan Undone, the second book in my young adult sci-fi series, is now published on Amazon. If you pre-ordered it, you should already have it. If you want to pick it up now, click here. (You can also read the first chapter free here.)

Joan Undone is the second book in The Throwback Series. The first book, Joan the Made, tells the story of Joan Fasces’, who discovers that she is cloned from the famous Joan of Arc on her eighteenth birthday. But being cloned in America comes at a steep price. Segregated and oppressed, clones are forced to act as docile servants to the rest of the Evolved population. Joan can either run from her fate and spend the rest of her life in hiding, or she can join a Throwback rebellion populated by clones of the greatest leaders in history.

If you love edgy young adult fiction like Hunger Games, Ready Player One, or Divergent, give this series a try.

Joan Undone Book Description:
Throwback anger has been unleashed, and the streets of Seattle run with Evolved blood. Joan and her friends, who unwittingly helped ignite this violent uprising, know that they must be the ones to end it.

But stopping the momentum of a movement powered by rage and masterminded by one of the greatest villains in history may be more than even Joan can overcome. In order to stand a chance, Joan decides to temporarily join forces with Strand, the company responsible for institutionalizing oppression against the Throwback people.

With agendas and enemies on every side, Joan and her team must harness their ingenuity and learn to trust each other if they stand a chance of turning the tide of violence sweeping across their city.

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